Get In Position.

A mentoring community for female professionals navigating senior leadership.

Are you a woman of colour in senior management, and looking for guidance and support to help you navigate your way to the global c-suite? If so, then the upcoming Coachivate Executive Mentoring Platform for you.

You can start where you are now.

We understand the challenges that women of colour face in the leadership roles. We know that it can be tough to get ahead, even when you have the talent and drive to succeed. That’s why we’ve created a community specifically designed to help you achieve your career goals.

Our Mentoring Platform pairs you with experienced professionals who will provide you with guidance, support, and advice. Our mentors have been where you are, and they know what it takes to succeed in the global c-suite. They will help you to identify your strengths, build your skills, and develop your leadership potential.

What our Mentoring Platform offers:

  • Mentoring sessions with experienced professionals

    Your career growth does not to be tiring or exhausting. You get the opportunity to send in your unique career related questions monthly and get them answered.

  • Workshops and webinars on key career development topics

    Self paced learning. Recorded live sessions and pre-recorded training sessions are available for you to watch when convenient. Pre-recorded sessions are bite-sized so you can learn on the go.

  • Networking opportunities with other women of colour in your field

    An energetic community of women rising in their respective fields to provide support and accountability.

  • And so much more!

Your career growth should not be hard or mysterious.

Get practical and actionable steps to overcome roadblocks on your way to career success and advancement.