About Coachivate

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Coachivate is a capacity development platform and coaching practice that inspires and activates personal leadership and excellence.

Our mission at Coachivate is to get you unstuck, activate the best version of YOU so that you can achieve meaningful success and stand out. We:

  • Inspire and activate you, to get out of your own way, reposition yourself and make the progress you desire, in spite of your inner fears and external obstacles.
  • Provide people-centric teams with the tools to help their key leaders and employees navigate change, leadership and succession planning

From the start of my career, I have engaged and encountered executives and business leaders, from partnering with business owners to team leaders, senior executives and vice presidents of multinationals. I have always been in a position to help them succeed and I learned a lot in the process – knowledge which I now use to provide transformative coaching solutions.

Empowering Women of Colour to Achieve C-Suite Success

Whether you are contemplating change or going through a professional transition, you need to stand out from the crowd and stay relevant.

You need guidance and coaching that not only helps you step out of your comfort zone but also moves you into your success zone.

Coachivate is the platform for making this happen. Coachivate ensures that you have the right tools and know-how for your best you to emerge. Here, coaching is not about guesswork or a one-time fix all, but a strategic partnership that elevates you and delivers lasting change and transformation.

We take you on a journey to:

  • raise your level of self-awareness,
  • rediscover your values and unique strengths,
  • and reposition yourself to stay relevant in your chosen profession.
You will get the right guidance for you to make the necessary adjustments until the best YOU emerges.